Jasper: High power femtosecond fiber laser

JASPER is a 1030 nm high-power femtosecond fiber laser delivering up to 160 µJ at 20 W. With truly monolithic all-fiber front-end this laser provides fast warm-up time, unprecedented long-term stability and hands-free operation. Contrary to free space laser amplifiers, fiber amplifiers ensure unbeatable beam pointing stability even in harsh environment.

  Jasper 10 Jasper 20 Jasper 30 Jasper UltraPower
Maximum average power >10 W >20 W >30 W Custom up to 100 W
Maximum pulse energy >50 μJ >50 μJ >100 μJ Ask For Details
System base repetition rate 100 kHz – 25 MHz, selectable with control software  
Pulse duration <290 fs (FWHM)  
Pulse duration tuning Automated tuning option 290 fs – 20 ps available  
Central wavelength 1030 ± 5 nm  
Optional wavelength outputs 515 nm, 343 nm, 258 nm  
Built-in pulse picker Pulse on demand, any division of the base repetition rate  
Beam quality M2 <1.3  
Polarization Linear, vertical  
External gating trigger Included  
Laser control software Included  
  • Automated pulse duration tuning
  • Second Harmonic Generation output
  • Third Harmonic Generation output
  • Fourth Harmonic Generation output

If you require continues wavelength tuning, please check Fluence Harmony Optical Parametric Amplifier.

Jasper is the right choice whenever there is a need for the high power and high pulse energy while maintaining a very short pulse duration. Some applications include: